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We invite you on the path of healing and make a life full of Peace, Happiness, and Abundance.

The profound healing starts from within, radiates outside, and spreads across to guide us together towards the path of ultimate happiness…

But sometimes we get stuck with the maladies of life, where we cannot find a clear path in life. We seem to have lost for causes and reasons for our frustration and defeat. The dilemma of failure becomes a catastrophe in our life. We at Abundantia Wellness and healing adhere to profound healing and provide a helping hand towards the path of bliss and complete transformation. We provide you with various tested methods and therapies to aid you to heal in a guided manner.

Our Facilities Comprise Of 


Sound Therapy


Aura Healing


Crystal Healing



Initially, our journey started 15 years back. Today, we are bringing our facilities forward in a more open forum, with an ease of access to avail wellness opportunities. With the very lively, experienced, and dedicated trainer Ms. Neha Thakker to provide you with healing, guiding, coaching transforming your life for better. Her inclination lies in promoting the profound benefits of spiritual science and healing, helping you to understand that living a life full of Abundance is possible. Our aim lies in making healing a more spiritual and pleasant experience. Empower you to recognize the immense power that is dormant in you.

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Power DNA


Our Clients Say

Neha is fabulous teacher. After attending her DNA Power workshop, I feel my blocks got released and I am relaxed. I want to attend it again as I enjoyed her Sound Therapy session as well.


I am feeling very peaceful after DNA Power workshop. During her session, I started recognizing my own self and my potential. I saw increase in self awareness after the session. Also many energy blocks got released


I was unaware of such unique healing session. This session was fantastic. With guidance of masters like Neha, life becomes more clear and transparent. This workshop has unfolded the truth about the patterns going on in life


Neha ma’am showed us the path of spiritual upliftment & enlightenment. This was unique journey of accepting the truth & move ahead in life towards success.


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