11 Days of Karmic Clearing Workshop

11 Days Formula to Remove Your Negative Energy Patterns & Help you to 10x Your Success Rate

11 days practical master class to release root-cause that is preventing you from Happiness.


Heal Negative or Depressed Pattern


Overcome Emotional issues


Better Physical Health


Heal Relationships


Accelerated growth in Professional Life


Remove blockages in Personal Life


Get Tuned to Prosperity


Spiritual Growth

Testimonials of “11 Days of Karmic Clearing Workshop”

Meet Your Spiritual Guide

Neha Thakkar’s journey started 15 years back.

She has expertise and experience in healing, guiding, coaching, and transforming life for better.

Her inclination lies in promoting the profound benefits of spiritual science and healing, help you to understand that, living life full of Abundance is possible.

Our aim lies in making healing more spiritual and pleasant experience.

We empower you to recognize the immense power that is dormant in you.

We, invite you on the path of healing and make a life full of Peace, Happiness, and Abundance

More About

11 Days of Karmic Clearing Workshop

Would like to know if this workshop will solve your problems

If you are facing issues like


Disharmony in relationship


Pattern of betrayal in job/business/relationship


Over thinking unstable mind


Not able to grow Financially


Not able to achieve goals


Not able to have constant financial growth


Stagnant Spiritual Growth

Then this workshop is definitely for you and we shall guide you to the paths of unconditional love and Abundance.

What you can expect after workshop?


Loving Happy Relationships


Start to experience the Transformation


Change begins first on the Subtle energy levels and gradually reflects and brings about positive changes in karmic patterns.

This powerful in-depth healing course will bring about substantial success, growth and joy.

What do we do in the

11 Days of Karmic Clearing Workshop?

Day 1:  Aura Healing Chakra Balance

Day 2:  Release of Energy Entangles

Day 3:  Oaths Curses Vows Release

Day 4:  Karma Balance with Mother

Day 5:  Karma Balance with Father

Day 6:  Relationship Healing

Day 7:  Past Life Healing

Day 8:  Inner Child Healing

Day 9:  Ancestral Healing

Day 10: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Day 11: Healing Abundance Blocks


Aura is the human energy body that consists of energy wheels or chakras.

For most people, due to stress, the chakras are either blocked or not functioning properly. If the chakras are not balanced, peace with oneself cannot be achieved. True happiness becomes evasive. This is when you need to balance the chakras and strengthen the Aura.

Day 2: Release of energy entangles

Entities are the external energies, that are not part of our energy field.

Sometimes, relationships between people are actually relationships between the entities attached to them. It is always of benefit to release you can be free of any external influence.

Day 3: Oaths Curses Vows

Do you know sometimes a casual remark or statement that we made in the past could come back to haunt us in our current life?

Are you experiencing repetitive behaviours or habits that no longer serve you?

Are your faced with difficulty throughout your life, failed relationships with the same types of guys or girls, failed business ventures, one after another, facing failures after failures no matter how good or how well you have planned your ventures. 

All these repetitive patterns have been following you and have interfered big time with the success of your life.

Curses, oaths, and vows hook us or keep us tied back that hinders our progress

DAY 4 & 5 & 6: Relationship healing

Sometimes we try to fix relationship issues with talk or analysis or discussion--either with the person directly, or to a friend or therapist. However, sometimes talk isn't the best way to fix a relationship. Sometimes, it's far more effective to work energetically. You can use energy to heal relationships whether the person is in your presence, in another room, across the country--you can even use energy to heal relationships with those who are departed.

In this course, I invite you to dive deeply into your relationships at the most profound level--those karmic crossings you experience with mother, Father, partner, child, friend, teacher, colleague and acquaintance.

DAY 7: Past life Karma

Past life Karma is the Karma that you are working on right now but was created in a past life. If you made a negative choice in a past life, it will tirelessly present itself again and again in your current life. A negative choice is a choice that "negates" your divine self and is associated with making a decision based on lack, fear, doubt, shame, etc. Any unpleasant situation you are dealing with right now, could be the consequence of lingering karma from a past life. Karma is also created in the present life and it can accumulate.

Day 8: Inner Child

“Inner child work is the process of contacting, understanding, embracing and healing your inner child. It, therefore, makes sense that we should revisit the experiences of the child we once were, and to find out what our own script says about our life and the unfolding drama we have been re-creating and repeating.

Day 9: Ancestral Healing

We carry the burdens and blessings of ancestors through our bloodline and dna lines. Our ancestors energy is forever entwined in our DNA and has the potential to influence us in our daily lives. We work on spiritually graced process about healing unresolved trauma, limitations, pain ,suffering and problems through resolving and releasing hereditary pattern.

Day 10: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

The challenge is that most of our beliefs are generalizations about our past, based on our interpretations of painful and pleasurable experiences. Called limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way. Just by believing them, we do not think, do or say the things that they inhibit and in doing so we ruin our lives. We help you to work on beliefs and unleash your true potential.

Day 11: Healing Abundance block

Abundance is completeness, its  growth on all the aspects of life. Anything that is blocking us to live life of Abundance is nothing but we ourselves .

We help you to open up and receive all the Blessings of Abundance that universe wants to shower upon us. We help you get connected to the Abundance of the Nature giving you completeness which manifests as plenty of love and compassion in your relationships, prosperity, wealth, success, spiritual growth, understanding, abundance of joy, fun, energy, abundance of time .

How would workshop help?


Opens up your Abundance Channel


Better Relationships


More Success


Balances Chakras


Raises your frequency


Enhances the Path of Empowerment


Melts stress & tensions

How to Attend the Workshop?


Workshop Starts from 18th Jan


Daily 1 Hour Live Session


6pm to 7pm for 11 Days


QnA over WhatsApp Group


Closed Facebook Group for Healing Exercise

11 Days of Karmic Clearing Workshop

11 days (11 hours) is the practical master class to release root-cause that is preventing you to have Happiness

1-1 Consultation

21 Days Mentoring Journal

1 Premium Webinar

General Fees Rs.18,000/-

Discounted Fees Rs.3300/-

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Testimonials of “11 Days of Karmic Clearing Workshop”



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If you’ve been trying to Boom your Relationship & Finance problem, it’s time to dive into the world of Sound & Energy

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1) Will the clearing and healing be done remotely?

Yes, the clearings will be done remotely over live Sessions.

2) Does remote or distance healing is effective as peronal healings?

Yes, as we excess the energy system of the person which doesn’t really need a physical presence.
We all are connected and are in one energy field

3) Do I have to be present during clearing session everyday during 11 days

Not necessarily you have to be there. The recordings of the session I’ll be sending to you.

4) Should I be isolated and undisturbed during the session

Yes, it’s good if you are are sitting in peace and not disturbed during the class

5) What time will be the session everyday ?

Time :6pm to 7pm

6) Who will perform the clearings ?

Neha Thakkar will do clearings by channeling Blessings, grace and healing from Supreme, Masters and Gurus

7) Withing how many days I will see the results

The universe works with complete absolute perfection and synchronicity.
As soon as you intend for the change the change happens, it’s up to you to accept the change and healing

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